Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Virtus and Abuse

After having Sister Harriet Hamilton come in and have us complete the Virtus training it really informed me of how easy it is for a person to manipulate a child. As a teacher we have to be aware at all times of the people around us and the people that are around the children. We have to make sure every kid is okay and if we suspect anything at all to call the hotline like Sister Harriet told us to do in the steps to take if we detect a person is sexually molesting a child. This training also really alarmed me of how careful I have to be around the students with what i do and to make sure someone is always with me when it is just me and a student. I got pretty angry when watching the video and listening to the two molesters talk about how they would trick and get their victims. I also saw how the kids were affected by being molested. I'm so happy i got to see this video and take in more knowledge if I suspect a molester. If I suspect someone of something you better believe i'm going to do something about it and stop the pain of the kids before it even happens. I'm really glad i got to experience this training and feel like it definitely helped me with my profession and in the future with a job. 

Lab 1 Reflection

I had a great experience my second time visiting St.Marys School. As soon as I walked through the doors I felt so much more comfortable around the kids. The atmosphere was more familiar to me and I wasn't as nervous to interact with the kids as I was the first day. I recognized mostly all the kids from the first day I went to St.Marys so this also made me feel more comfortable. When I walked into the gym the kids recognized me and wanted to have a football catch like we did the first day. After playing in the gym, I went downstairs to the cafeteria to play board games with the kids. They all wanted to play me in board games as soon as i walked in the cafeteria because last time I told them I wanted a rematch because they all beat me in checkers last time. As I sat down at the table I was amazed at this one kid by how intelligent he was. Triston showed me how to play this one game that i had no idea how to play. It was sort of like a chess game  and was all about using strategy and i was amazed how smart he was. I really enjoyed my second time going to St. Marys and can't wait till next time.

Lab #1

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Importance of Physical Activity

Learning through the physical doesn't just mean being active, but for the children to also learn many different aspects of life that will help them build them as a person and these characteristics will help them in the future. It's important for the children to be moving around and be active don't get me wrong, but i think learning through the physical has much more of a positive effect on children rather than just being active. Learning through the physical helps the children develop there social and emotional selves. Learning through the physical benefits the whole child. Learning through the physical can help promote fitness, self-esteem and self-confidence for all children. With that being said, physical activity is also important because it impacts affective growth. Having children being active helps promote a healthy body growing up. If they are use to being active and love physical activity, than hopefully physical activity will be apart of their lives for the rest of the lives growing up. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I thought the first class was pretty interesting. I got a brief description on what the class is about and what we would be doing through out the semester. I'm really excited about blogging and interested to see what other people blog in class. I'm really excited about this semester and going over to St. Marys and working with the little kids.