Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Virtus and Abuse

After having Sister Harriet Hamilton come in and have us complete the Virtus training it really informed me of how easy it is for a person to manipulate a child. As a teacher we have to be aware at all times of the people around us and the people that are around the children. We have to make sure every kid is okay and if we suspect anything at all to call the hotline like Sister Harriet told us to do in the steps to take if we detect a person is sexually molesting a child. This training also really alarmed me of how careful I have to be around the students with what i do and to make sure someone is always with me when it is just me and a student. I got pretty angry when watching the video and listening to the two molesters talk about how they would trick and get their victims. I also saw how the kids were affected by being molested. I'm so happy i got to see this video and take in more knowledge if I suspect a molester. If I suspect someone of something you better believe i'm going to do something about it and stop the pain of the kids before it even happens. I'm really glad i got to experience this training and feel like it definitely helped me with my profession and in the future with a job. 

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