Monday, February 20, 2012

Hall of Shame Reaction

To elaborate more on my previous comment about dodgeball, I do think it's a great game and you learn many important skills and stay physically active just like many other games on the Hall of Shame, but it's no game that should be played in a PE class. Dodgeball is too dangerous to be played in a PE class. A great way to play a similar game like dodgeball is to modify it and change the rules up and the game play. There are so many games  on the "Wall of Shame" that i loved playing as a child and are banned now for other children to play in PE classes. My job as a future physical educator is to take these games that i had so much fun and loved playing as a child and modify them so the kids in PE class are able to enjoy playing the same type of concept games but with a little different twist on them. Just think one day i can create a game that all children love playing and can be known all over America in different PE classes. Just knowing i can do something like that and make kids happy while increasing their physical activity there really is endless possibilities. I'm so excited and look forward to these task as a future physical educator. 

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