Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Great Debate

In class we were put into three different groups and had to debate which group would be the best for a physical education class why or why not. So my group and I got stuck with probably the hardest group out of all the different groups to debate about. My group had using stick in a physical education class. Going into this debate my group and I was well prepared for this debate and to win it all. We even dressed to impress wearing nice dress clothes. But on the day of the debate it was much harder arguing for sticks in physical education class than we thought. We made good arguments and answered all questions thrown at us by the board intelligently. I  was even getting a little heated and started to yell a bit at another group during one of the questions they asked us. Overall we did a great job and we tried our best, but the outcome was that we came in last out of the three groups for the great debate. We still did great and it was fun arguing and making valid points to try and win. 


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