Saturday, April 28, 2012

Exercising with Technology

Today at SUNY Cortland's Exergame lab I got the best of both worlds. I got to play video games while exercising at the same time. This was a great experience going to the Exergame lab. I got to play xbox 360 while at the same time exercising to power the controller I was using. I thought this new technology was awesome. This new technology is a great way to get kids that play video games to be able to exercise and get a work out even if all they want to do is play video games. I hope all this new technology in the Exergame lab really makes a break through in the world today and starts to become popular in kids homes all over the world. This technology can help improve the health of many kids lives growing up and as a future physical education teacher that is the main goal to improve the health and skills of all kids lives. 

Also in the Exergame lab I was introduced to different games that are used to increase physical activity for younger kids. These games were used to increase physical activity and to help improve and practice different learning skills. A game that I was introduced to was call Hyper dash. This game had many different ways and variations in which you could play. Another game that I was introduced to was a game like hyper dash except it was with animals and I think it was called Animal dash. One way in which I could modify this game is placing all the toy animals on the floor and have the kids make a big circle around the animals. I'll have one kid start with the toy and have them press the button to start the game. While the kid that started with the toy is searching for the animal he/she has to find, the students on the outside will be doing whatever exercise I shout out while their class mate finds the animal. For example i'll yell jumping jacks and the students will have to do jumping jacks until their class mate finds the right animal. Once that student finds the right animal then he/she passes it off to a random student they pick and now they have to go find the next animal and the other students will be doing another activity that I will call out. This will go on until all the animals are found and the game is over. We would see how fast we found all the animals the first game and try to beat our time game by game. 

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