Sunday, April 8, 2012

Being A Hit in Class

Today was a great day at St. Mary's. When my group and I first got to St. Mary's we were expected to have the older kids and was prepared with games to play with them. But as we got into our groups, to our surprise we were unexpectedly assigned to the Pre-K group again. So we went outside because it was a nice day out and the Pre-K class was already outside on the playground. We had nothing prepared for the group and was just going with the flow when we first got into the playground. As soon as I walked into the playground, I joined in the game of tag that the students were already playing. Of course they made me be it every time, even though I would tag someone else.
 After tag I sat down at a little table that was at the playground with a student because he was tired from running around from playing tag, and so was I. To my surprise about half the class circled around me and started to have conversations with me. I went around the circle asking the students what there favorite flavor gum was. This got them interacting with each other as well, asking each other what there favorite flavors were. Then I went around the group and asked each student if they had a brother or sister at home and they would all get into these stories about how old there siblings were,  what they liked to do with them when there home. I would ask one student if they had a brother and they would tell me yeah and the next student would say me too and start talking to the student I just asked. 
They all loved talking to me and it was so easy for me to have a conversation with the students about anything. Then we all went inside and came up with a game for them to play off the top of our heads. This day showed us to be ready for anything and to always think on our toes. At the end of the day I really enjoyed the day and was kind of glad we had the Pre-K class again. It showed me I can think on my feet and easily get along and think like a kid with the students.

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