Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Sad Ending To a New Beginning

The last day going to St. Mary's was a sad day for me. I had a great experience teaching at St. Mary's. Going to St. Mary's and working with the kids was one of the best experiences I've had at SUNY Cortland. For the last day my group and I had the 5th and 6th grade group and came up with modified games involving the game of basketball, since they loved playing basketball. I had a great time at my last day at St. Mary's. It was great playing games with the kids for one last time. Looking back at the first day compared to now, I am definitely not as nervous and more comfortable when going to teach at St. Mary's. All the kids are definitely more comfortable around us too. I know mostly all the kids names now and really loved getting to know each kid and talking to them. I'm going to miss St. Mary's and all the fun we had there. I'm gonna miss all the kids too. I really hope some of the things I've taught the kids, will stick with them their whole lives growing up. That is the best feeling in the world as a physical educator, knowing you've impacted a kids life and knowing that whatever it is they learn from you, that it will help them down the road growing up. That is why i think I love teaching so much. I love the feeling of helping others and watching them succeed in whatever it is I taught them.   Even if it's only one kid who I affected then I know i'm doing my job and making a difference with one kid at a time. I hope I've made a difference in the kids lives at St. Mary's because I know they've made a difference in mine.

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