Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sweet Success

Going back to St. Mary's after not being there for a couple of weeks was real exciting for me to be back. I was looking forward to seeing all the kids again. The theme of the day was Easter, since the week before Easter had just passed. My group and I was assigned to come up with an opening game and a closing game. My partners in the group did the opening game, so I was going to do the closing game. When we first arrived at St. Mary's all the kids were excited to see us and eager to see what games we had planned for them since we haven't seen them in awhile. I was really excited to teach my ending game since the kids were so excited about playing the games we came up with. Since the theme was Easter, I made and cut out 40 Easter eggs and wrote an activity on each egg and colored each egg. I came up with an Easter egg hunt for the kids as the ending game. I hid all 40 Easter eggs and when the kids found an egg they would have to do the activity that it said on the egg. For example 5 jumping jacks, the kid would have to do 5 jumping jacks. Then after the kids were done finishing the activity they would take the egg and put it in the Easter basket and go look for another egg. This game was a huge success. I couldn't believe how many kids loved the game and how well the game went. Overall this day at Saint Mary's was awesome and went really well. 

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